What Dream do Many Americans Have?

Many people believe that all Americans dream about a family, a cozy country house with a white fence and a dog. But not all people agree with such an opinion, not everyone has these exact desires, dreams and needs. Everyone has a unique personality, so we can’t give them a single image.

A House with a white fence. The American dream is not always a white fence, a house, a car or a dog. Every American wants to have a family and a stable job. Some of them hope for career success and material prosperity. However, these dreams and desires can’t be referred to only as American; many people from different countries want all these things, too. But the millennials do not want to work in accordance with other people’s rules; they want freedom in their actions. This is the reason why many people work as freelancers after college and create their own work conditions. Their desire is high and stable income with minimum of work and time. There must be a job that can bring good money on the one hand; and on the other hand, it should not be for more than 2-3 hours a day.

Chantel Bonneau, a millennial and wealth management advisor with Northwestern Mutual, says that the modern American dream is to improve existing material conditions. Finances and career go to the first place, and relationships and family shift to the second place and further. Modern Americans are fans of work because society dictates its policy where money is leading.

Prioritization. After studying a person chooses either a family or career according to their priorities. Quite often the choice is made in favour of a career path, not a family. However, not always. The problem is that people have non-stable priorities nowadays. Society, environment, a situation or a problem forces a person to change their views and opinions. They might have wanted a family and children, but a friend offered them a good job, and the priority changed.

The data show that the student loan debt in 2014 was lower than in 2015. Young people drop out of study or have debts — there is no good work and the debt is growing. About 5-7 years ago, people were actively looking for any job to have a stable income for their family. Now people are looking, choosing, thinking and staying without anything.

Is every millennial delaying family? Now, women have families at 27 years old, and men at 29. This indicator varies every year, but it shows that people have neither desire nor aim to have a family at a young age. They finish their studies and start looking for a job to make a career; and if the corporate ladder is not there, their priority might change but not necessarily to the family. There is an American dream in every person, but reality is different. Not every American wants only a career or just a house with a white fence. There are people who are 430 and who still live with their parents and have their own room in the basement. There are other people who have a family, a house with a white fence and a successful career.

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