The Ways of Checking Credit Score without Paying Money

Some people don’t know about a possibility to check credit score at no cost. So, we’re going to speak about all peculiarities of getting your own credit store information. One cannot deny that credit store plays an important part in your money matters. Also, getting a serious position, borrowing of any type or even an insurance policy is strongly hinges on the credit score of yours. Therefore, you should grasp the importance of your credit scores and reports. The methods of checking the credit score (CS) on your own must be revealed.


  • your personal data,
  • PC, notebook, smart phone, tablet,
  • access to the world-wide web,
  • electronic paying card (debit or credit).

Checking credit score with the help of your credit card

Your credit card provides you access to free FICO score reports every month. It’s the easiest way to get such information. Discover It or the Capital One Venture cards are worth using too. For example, the Capital Venture Card sends you an e-mail connected with every important event of your credit score. So, it is true that using a credit card is the simplest method of checking your credit score.

Getting a credit report

People who are worried about their credit report can demand the complete duplicate of it. The service Annual credit report provides it for free. They usually send the full credit report after affirming your ID information. Thus, always feel free to get the full credit report because it also may disclose many important issues.

There are some special agencies that provide credit reports. Usually, such services require only a nominal amount. For example, the best service for individuals who wish to get their credit report as fast as possible without paying much money is Experian. A week trial costs only $1. The services like TransUnion or Equifax also provide you required information for little money. Any scoring models don’t influence on these services.

Credit Karma

You don’t need any credit card to use Credit Karma to verify your credit score. Just a few requests and you get credit score at no cost. Credit Karma reveals the system of achieving your CS. It processes your credit information. Credit Karma doesn’t show you FICO CS, but it provides you access to the Vintage Score 3.0.


FICO is not totally free. It gives you an opportunity to use it free for 10 days only. FICO is the most famous approach to check your CS. Almost all the US enterprises take FICO Scores settling on client credit choices. For this reason, it’s better to have a FICO account. Free access to FICO score is also provided by Ally Bank.